The CFCIDFR is governed by a Council with the following composition: Vice-Rector in charge of continuing education and distance learning, CFCIDFR General Director, DL-PTE Deputy Director and CE Deputy Director at CFCIDFR level, OIDFR Directors and Directors of Studies at faculty level.

Members of the CFCIDFR Governing Council

Professor, Bálint MARKÓ, PhD

Associate professor , Vincențiu-Andrei VEREȘ, PhD

Associate professor, Romana CRAMARENCO, PhD .

Faculty of Law
Associate professor, Sergiu GOLUB, PhD

Faculty of History and Philosophy
Professor, Ovidiu Ghitta

Associate professor, Ionuț COSTEA, PhD

Associate professor Tamas LONHART, PhD

Associate professor, Andrei BERESCHI

Associate professor, Ioan MANCI, PhD

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
Associate professor, Vasile-Daniel CARDOȘ, PhD

Associate professor, Alexandra Drule


Associate professor, Mirela MINICĂ, PhD

Associate professor, Izabella KRAJNIK, PhD

Associate professor, Monica Iuliana CIACA, PhD

Associate professor, Corina Ioana FILIP, PhD

Associate professor, Mihaela Daciana ROVINARU, PhD

Professor, Adrian Mihai INCEU, PhD

Associate professor, Roxana STEGEREAN, PhD

Assistant professor, Imre SZEKELY

Assistant professor, Voichița RADU, PhD

Assistant professor, Timea TOCALACHIS, PhD

Faculty of Biology and Geology
Associate professor, Corina ROȘIORU, PhD

Faculty of Geography
Associate professor, Alexandru PĂCURAR, PhD

Faculty of Sociology and Social Work
Associate professor, Adina REBELEANU, PhD

Associate professor, Bela SZABO, PhD

Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences
Assistant professor, Ovidiu Sebastian PINTEA, PhD

Assistant professor, Reka-Marta JANOS, PhD

Associate professor, Dana Amalia JUCAN, PhD

Professor, Iuliana ZSOLDOS-MARCHIȘ, PhD

Associate professor, Andrea HATHAZI, PhD

Associate professor, Ioana Cristina MAGDAȘ, PhD

Faculty of European Studies
Assistant professor, Monica BURCĂ-VOICU, PhD

Faculty of Business
Assistant professor, Ionuț-Traian LUCA, PhD

Associate professor, Marius BOTA, PhD

ZFaculty of Political and Administrative Sciences
Associate professor, Raluca Ioana SUCIU, PhD

Assistant professor, George Adrian PRUNDARU, PhD

Professor, Delia-Cristina BĂLAȘ, PhD

Faculty of Physical Education and Sport
Professor, Iosif SANDOR, PhD

Responsibilities of the CFCIDFR Governing Council

  • Development and management of undergraduate and postgraduate DL and PTE programmes;
  • Implementation of the decisions, regulations and recommendations of ARACIS, the Governing Council, the UBB Senate and Rector’s Office;
  • Development of strategies and policies to consolidate and further develop undergraduate and postgraduate DL and PTE programmes;
  • Making recommendations to the Faculty Offices for Distance Learning and Part Time Education (OIDFR);
  • Initiating regulations on the organisation and operation of DL and PTE activities at university level;
  • Approving the start-up of undergraduate and postgraduate DL and PTE programmes in accredited degree programmes;
  • Maintaining and improving the quality standards of undergraduate and postgraduate DL and PTE programmes;
  • Overseeing the financial management of undergraduate and postgraduate DL and PTE programmes;
  • Implementing cutting-edge communication and information technologies in the DL and PTE systems;
  • Setting annual priorities and allocating resources from CFCIDFR funds to ensure that these priorities are met;
  • Providing training, specialisation and upskilling courses for staff engaged in all activities carried out by the CFCIDFR.