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Distance/Part Time Education degree programmes



Who we are ?

Centre for Continuing Education, Distance Learning and Part Time Education

The Centre for Continuing Education, Distance Learning and Part Time Education, in short CFCIDFR, manages on the one hand the undergraduate and master’s programmes in both the distance education and part time education forms, and on the other hand the continuing education programmes conducted in the university.

Our mission is to provide an adequate framework for the optimal conduct of teaching activities specific to the distance and part time education forms:

  • accreditation/authorisation of degree programmes: all programmes offered by Babeș-Bolyai University have ARACIS accreditation.
  • providing the communication infrastructure and management of the e-learning platforms: Microsoft Teams, Moodle, Zoom
  • assisting teachers in the preparation of audio-video materials, course materials


Programe de studii la forma de învățământ la distanță

Distance learning (DL) is a form of organising instructional processes that offers students/learners a personalised option as to where and when they can learn. Distance learning, also called distance education, e-learning or online learning, is defined by the physical separation of teachers and students in the learning process and the use of diverse technologies to facilitate communication between teachers and students.

Programe de studii la forma de învățământ cu frecvență redusă

“Part-time education (PTE) is a system of organising teaching and learning processes based on teaching-learning-assessment activities involving application training, scheduled on a modular or periodic basis, which involves both the direct face-to-face interaction of students/learners with teachers and the use of teaching/training resources typical of distance learning. ”

Programe de formare continuă

This includes all forms of so-called non-traditional education carried out at departments, faculties, centres, or university level, independently or in collaboration with individuals and institutions in the public or private sector, which are not included in the education programmes at undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral level.

Continuing education is part of professional development and involves the following categories of activities:

  • postgraduate programmes;
  • ANC-accredited professional training courses for the development of transversal skills;
  • open courses are flexible forms of professional training aimed at developing targeted skills and organised according to the Procedure for the organisation of open continuing education courses approved by Administration Council Decision no.184/08.01.2018.
  • MOOC (massive online open course) online courses designed to internationalise and digitise teaching, workshops, summer schools for upskilling, specialisation, further training or professional conversion. Some of these activities may have credits, in which case the credits obtained are recognised in any further training courses.